Principled practice designer and photographer
who enjoys interdisciplinary collaboration and
routinely innovates by using design thinking.


UX, UI, IA, Data Visualization, Mobile,
Web, Illustration, Interactive, Print

Editorial, Fashion, Portraits, Commercial



Design without style, at worst, is functional. Style without design, at best, is dysfunctional.

For over 20 years, design has been an integral part of my work. Whether it be illustration, layout, typography, or content, every element is considered very carefully to make sure the project’s intent and its experience are reached. Experience design starts at the first stage, from inspiration and it is carried through the very last stage to satisfaction.

I was 15 years-old when after a long trip, where I carefully took many photos with a SLR, I pulled the film and all those memories were gone. I learned the hard way, but it was thanks to my education that I learned how to capture a scene, how to set a frame, and how to manipulate light. My fascination is discerning fashion and editorial photography.

I’ve enjoyed working with and leading many designers, writers, videographers, photographers, editors, software developers, engineers, CEO’s and a wide gamut of industry and education professionals. This spectrum has allowed me to understand many processes and apply design thinking with a human-centered methodology to create the solutions that are needed.