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Ludvik Herrera

Principled practice designer and photographer
who enjoys radical collaboration and
routinely makes ideas that matter happen.


UX, UI, IA, Data Visualization, Mobile,
Web, Illustration, Interactive, Print

Editorial, Fashion, Portraits, Commercial



Design without style, at worst, is functional. Style without design, at best, is dysfunctional.

Hi, my name is Ludvik Herrera, I am a designer, photographer, design advocate and mentor with more than 20 years of professional experience. Design has been an integral part of my work. I have been involved with interface design, information architecture, design systems, marketing and advertising campaigns, K-20 education and mentoring. Whether it be interactive systems, product design, illustration, layout, typography, or content, I’ve had a role in each and routinely consider how every element fits together to make sure every project reaches a fantastic experience. For over a decade I’ve focused in full design systems, covering human-centered and user-centered design, which has led me to speaking presentations in user experience design (UX) and design thinking.

In 2006, I became the New Media Director for a publishing and creative agency which led me to create a fun environment for designers. Later, in 2012, as creative director I started IDeaspace at NDSU, a makerspace, hackerspace and design lab that connects students, faculty and staff with K-12 and community through technology and design.
I enjoy working, collaborating, teaching and learning from people from across all disciplines, young and old. It has been rewarding and empowering to lead and to be a creative catalyst to designers, writers, videographers, photographers, editors, software developers, engineers, CEO’s and a wide gamut of industry and education professionals.

A quick personal story about photography, after taking several photos when I was 15 years-old during a long trip, I pulled the film out before rewinding it, all those memories were gone. It was hard, but I learned from that failure and now I enjoy photography more than ever. I studied photography in college, I’ve collaborated with professional photographers and I’ve assisted a few of them. I have learned the importance of Mise-en-scène, and the beauty that is learning to manipulate light and conveying a story. Thus, it’s my fascination with discerning fashion and editorial photography.